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FIXture - the i's dotted and the t's crossed

  • what is the impact of the purchase of immovable property on my company?

  • is my reporting correct and efficient?

  • how do I get a clearer view of the financial status of my company?

  • are the internal processes optimised?

  • are the gross margins correct?


Current fiscality and legislation does not make having a complete and clear overview of the impact of different strategic decisions on your company a simple affair. 

The financial status of a company is a crucial source of information for taking strategic decisions and determining and following the company’s focus. However, the information cannot always be simply derived from documents received. Data from different sources is often combined, and this does not make following matters easy.  With our online accounting platform and client portal we bring order to the chaos and you have more insight and control.  You can then interactively gain insight in turnover, purchases, gross margins, costs, results, outstanding bank balances, etc.  


We optimise your fiscal result under fiscal and legal legislation.

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