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starter - dreaming and setting out

You have decided to make the leap from an idea to practical implementation.  Congratulations!  Creativity, effort and courage are keys to running a successful business.  You also exponentially increase the likelihood of long-term success if you make the right decisions from the start.   We set out the opportunities for you and help you to make all the necessary decisions.


Sole-trader or company


We look at all the necessary considerations for you: how risk-entailing is your occupation? Is there a great need for external resources?  Do you want to collaborate with others?  Does your family play a part in your business?

In short, we will identify which legal form is optimal for your specific situation.  




Once the necessary decisions have been taken, we start up the correct procedures for you: registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, licence applications, social security and health insurance statute, activation of the VAT number, start of accounting, setting up the payroll administration, etc.    




Could you use some support when drawing up your financial plan?  Do you need external capital or a loan?  We guide you step by step in obtaining a realistic and sustainable plan and assist you in the discussions with the bank or external investors.


And now down to business!

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