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Your confidential representative looks after your case and thus evolves with your company.  In this way we guarantee a personal approach and continuity. We take responsibility for the administrative processing of your case, representation before the tax authorities, as well as strategic and fiscal advice.  


We take care of the processing of your entire bookkeeping and ensure that all legal and VAT obligations are complied with correctly and in good time.  Each year the self-employed are required to present a trading account.  A balance sheet and profit and loss account is drawn up for companies.  These documents serve as the basis for corporation tax and the fiing of the annual accounts. 

Evaluation and follow-up

You can create financial reporting (financial analysis, cost calculation, cash planning, etc.) based on the figures posted. Depending on your needs we hold annual or intermediate discussions, we assess these figures together and offer advice in this respect.   Experience teaches us that a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your company often results in a profitability improvement.  Moreover, this is an essential step if you have to take strategic decisions. 



Each year we take the mandatory minutes of the general meeting and the board of management and draw up the annual report.  We pay close attention to special procedures such as conflicts of interest, alarm bell procedures, etc.  You then no longer need concern yourself with such matters and you can concentrate on the further development of your company.

Company managers

We optimise your pay package taking the existing fiscal legislation into account and can manage your pay administration.

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